Sharing a Little Love

I have to show you the beautiful card that I received from my friend, Marianne.  Marianne lives in Toronto, and we met through my blog and I truly believe that she was heaven-sent to be my friend.  This is one of the prettiest cards I’ve ever seen, and I can’t imagine how long it must have taken her to do all the intricate work.  Marianne got the idea from Kittie Kraft.

This card travelled all the way across the United States, from Canada to the southern tip of Florida, yet it still looks like it was just made today.  The inside of the card is as beautiful as the outside, right down to Marianne’s beautiful color-coordinated handwriting.

Marianne is one of those special, once-in-a-lifetime friends.  I am so blessed.  She reminds me of what really matters in my time on earth, and that no problem is too big for the One who handles all my problems.  God bless you, Marianne.

Marianne doesn’t have a blog, so if you adore her card as much as I do, please leave her a little love in the comments section below.

Blessings for a positive and happy Monday!


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  1. Maggie

    Marianne… you cards are so ever beautiful. Can I be your friend too? =)

    God Blessed you with the richest skills.

  2. Connie Gress

    This is a stunning card!! Marianne is my best friend in the whole world. Love her to pieces. If you knew her, you would say the same thing. XXOO

  3. Beth

    I REMEMBER THIS ONE!!! Sooooooo pretty!!!!! You should see the ones she makes me for my birthday 😉

    Pretty card mummy!!! xoxo

  4. carol-anne

    absolutely beautifully done, a true work of art!!

  5. Malou

    What a spectacular card, Marianne! I wish I had the patience to assemble every leaf, every holly, every intricate piece. But most of all, the creativity, inside and out, is “speechlessly” stunning!

    1. Marianne

      I am just so very humbled at all the kind and warm comments left by all.

      It was a joy for me to bless Cindy with this card. I truly understand the phrase…”labour of love”.

      Thank you all !

      1. Torben Gybel Jensen

        Dear Marianne
        Been looking for you and Beth for quite some time now. Foundation this site by chance. Must be you??? My mother Helene has frequently been asking if I know anything…
        You are most welcome to contact me….Facebook?
        Love Torben

  6. Cindy Hall

    The card is exquisite. I love the holly wreath and the way the inside of the card is done.

  7. Susan Lankford

    An absolutely incredible card….you are fortunate to have such a friend!

    Marianne…..this card speaks volumes about you!

  8. Corinne Somervile

    MarIanne is a very dear friend of mine and her talent never ceases to amaze me!!! She’s one of those woman who is both beautiful inside and out!!!!

  9. Georgina Frangos

    When I saw Marianne’s card it took my breath away. It was made with patience and love. She is an amazingly beautiful person and my best friend.. So blessed to have her in my life.. guess I’m just lucky to be her mother…….

  10. Cindy Henry

    Thanks for showing your friend, Marianne’s fabulously gorgeous card. It was certainly made with a whole lot of love !! I really enjoy seeing cards that so much time was put into the making. Great friends are such a blessing in our lives.

  11. Karen

    This is a gorgeous card! I’m sure Marianne made it with love and spent the huge amount of time it required because she knew you would appreciate it. It is great to have a friend who encourages you and brings out the best in you! Blessings to both of you as your friendship continues to grow.

  12. Carol Lucas

    Lovely! This is a work of art!

  13. Terry

    What a wonderful talent you have Marianne.
    Cindy, you are Blessed….

  14. Pat Clow

    Gorgeous card, much work but well worth the end result.
    I just went on the Kittie Kraft website. My mouth is hanging open. Many, many labor intensive cards there each one more beautiful that the previous.
    I will visit it often.
    Pat Clow Upstate New York
    Stampin Up demonstrator

  15. Pat Gasko

    Oh my such a gorgeous card! The outside and inside are both just as beautiful. As amazing as Marianne’s card is it’s just as amazing that it traveled so far and arrived in perfect shape. So glad you shared it.

  16. Monica H.

    Absolutely gorgeous card! I too can’t imagine how long it all too – gorgeous!

  17. Judith

    The card is beautiful inside and out, just as I suspect you are Marianne.

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